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Attain your goals with meticulously structured workouts designed to inspire and challenge you, yielding the results you seek.

Offering virtual training via Zoom and in-person sessions in Encinitas California.

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Robb Snyder

Robb Snyder

Snyder Virtual Fitness has been leading and motivating clients for over 10 years with a proven track record of success in guiding all to reach their health goals and maintain a sustainable fitness lifestyle through efficient and progressive workouts. With experience that spans big box gyms to 14 years as a public school physical education and health teacher, I welcome all ages, abilities, and skill levels.

Snyder Virtual Fitness offers convenient and thorough virtual workouts that provide you the comfort and cleanliness of home without wasted time in traffic driving to the gym. I’ll develop a program of carefully considered, individualized, effective training with a schedule that is consistent and tailored to fit your busy lifestyle.


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Services & Rates

Robb is now offering one-on-one and small group training via zoom and in-person training in Encinitas, CA.

Remote (zoom) training rates are:

$70 / 60 minutes
$60 / 45 minutes
$50 / 30 minutes

Discounts are available for pre-paid bundles. Email Robb for details on bulk discounts and in person session rates.

What my clients say about me and my work

After 16 hours of work together, I’m feeling a lot stronger and even more motivated for the next 16 sessions (and beyond!) Robb is fantastic to work with — super sensitive to my body and needs while challenging me at the same time (so I’ll feel results!) I’m thrilled Thumbtack connected us — being in different timezones, who knew if in a pre-Covid era whether Zoom training would even be something I’d prioritize and seek out. Now, it’s something I look forward to every week day to start my day. Robb is always there for me bright & early to get moving. Highly recommend trying a few initial sessions with him and seeing for yourself!

It was obvious Robb connects with a diversity of ages, and meets you right where you are on a fitness level. He makes each work out fun and engaging. Robb’s personality is both professional and personable, and his passion for what he does is very evident. I leave each work out feeling over-all better than when I began. I highly recommend Robb, he is definitely one of a kind!

Thank you for everything Robb, my son really enjoys working out with you and I appreciate your patience and expertise in working with a high functioning autistic 5th grade athlete (woo that’s a mouthful!). I highly recommend Robb’s virtual fitness to anyone looking for a kind, patient, dedicated, and knowledgeable virtual trainer. I’ve hired other trainers/coaches in the past to work with my fitness obsessed son but they quickly become unrealizable and unresponsive. So far Robb has demonstrated nothing but absolute dedication to my son. Robb is our hero!

I have had quite a few injuries ranging from extensive leg injuries and also minor setbacks while playing sports and Robb has not only helped me recover from these injuries but he has also helped me return at my absolute best. Working out with Robb has helped me get back to playing sports and performing better than before while also finding the enjoyment in working out. Robb is a one of kind trainer that will adapt and be extremely flexible to all your goals. His workouts are efficient and effective as they come. The variety in exercises and workout plans allows workouts to never get boring. His expertise is endless and he is able to adapt to your needs, equipment you have, and space with his plans. He has an extensive knowledge in all kinds of workout equipment and areas of performance and strength. He uses that knowledge to be able to create workout plans based off of you personally as the client. He is extremely caring and passionate about all of his clients’ journeys and it shows through his check-ins, continuous feedback between him and you, and also his knowledge base when it comes to fitness. Working with Robb has gotten me to have a new found respect and love for fitness and it was the best decision I made!

I hired Rob to help me train for a century bike ride. From nutrition, to pacing, to encouragement, Rob got me to the final mile!

I spent several years working out with Robb, and it’s hard to put into words how thankful I am our paths crossed. He’s extremely educated in all aspects of fitness, including physiology, technique & nutrition. He truly cared about my goals, and planned creative, challenging, fun workouts to get me where I  wanted to be. He has a great attitude, an easy going personality and a caring nature…and an uncanny ability to push me farther than I thought I could go, while doing it safely. Robb taught me life-long lessons about discipline & the importance of maintaining strength that will stay with me forever. Without reservation, I recommend Robb to help you reach your fitness goals!!

A 71 year old fitness enthusiast had gotten bored with her workouts. Found Robb and was excited to get my focus back. He considered physical challenges and developed a program specific to my needs. His attention to detail, professionalism, and knowledge made it easy to trust his guidance. No two workouts are the same and he maintained personal contact following the workouts to keep me motivated and ensure my success. Hope to workout with him again soon. So much better than sweaty clubs.

Robb at Snyder Virtual Fitness is amazing! I connected with Robb on Thumbtack and have since signed up to three virtual training sessions per week. He knows what he is doing, easy to work with, and the rare trainer who can clearly communicate/articulate the methodology behind our program. He takes everything into consideration for each workout: my long term goals, diet, stress levels, current physical and mental health, etc. I have tried using virtual trainers in the past but they quickly became unreliable or stopped putting in the effort to craft quality workouts. Robb is constantly staying on top of my program and my health and I trust him to get me to where I need to be.

I worked with Rob for three years and it’s not an exaggeration to say that he changed my entire life. I was terrified to begin going to the gym and training, I had lost 100+lbs and was coming off years of unhealthy habits. With Rob’s guidance, encouragement and knowledge, I transformed not only my body but also my mental health. His methods are based on research/science NOT fads. He helped me create lifelong healthy habits, I can honestly say that working out and moving my body is so routine and habitual now. I can’t go more than one day without wanting to”move my body” just because it’s so entwined with my mental and physical health. His dedication and passion for helping people grow and learn is life changing! Working with Rob was the best investment I’ve ever made for myself. It’s worth every penny, every drop of sweat, and every dare I say “burpee”. If you need someone to help you change your fitness habits, he’s your man!

Hired Robb to help my Mom start moving again. He was great from the get go. She got sick so we are taking a pause, and Robb has been incredibly understanding and caring in the meantime. Mom is looking forward to getting back to it as soon as she is able.

My experience with Robb was top notch. I trained with him for about three months. I was able to lose 42 lbs while learning about exercise and nutrition. Each work out was a little bit different and I always had a good time (btw I hate to exercise). Prior to Robb I bought training at one of those big box gyms. I had six different trainers in two months before I quit. Invest in yourself. Train with Robb. You won’t regret it.

Robb is value add for anyone looking for someone to guide you from beginner to Iron Man. His ability to work with your schedule and his know how will help create a plan that translates to a winning solution for your fitness goals. I recommend Robb for anyone who wants a knowledgeable instructor and personable trainer to meet your fitness needs.

Robb has been fantastic to work with. I’ve been working with him remotely since the early days of the pandemic. I am a busy full-time working mom of two so finding the time and energy to get a workout in can be difficult. Robb creates a fun, effective and efficient atmosphere with ever changing programs to keep me interested and work towards my goals. He always takes the time to thoroughly explain the movements which for me is very helpful as most of the time it does not come naturally to me! He is motivating, patient and very clearly passionate about helping others create a happy and healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend Robb!

Robb is a godsend! When COVID hit my gym closed and I instantly put on 15lbs. I had used Robb as a personal trainer at the gym a few times and always appreciated his patience and passion for his clients. We kept in touch and once it became clear the gym wouldn’t be opening back up he started offering virtual training. I have a modest home gym but Robb is creative and keeps our workouts fun and interesting. I recommend Robb to everyone I know because he isn’t your typical gym bro: he holds dual degrees, multiple licenses, and has 15 years personal training and public school health/PE experience. Helping people with their fitness goals is his life’s passion. All of this really shines through during our workouts: he’s so easy to get along with and I know that he genuinely cares about my fitness goals/progress. I’m excited to continue my weight loss and fitness journey with Robb!

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